Steps To Hire The Best


Define The Job

Start with a job description.

Don’t have one – No Problem. Our Job Description Builder can create a draft job description in minutes using our vast, proven library


Create Job Posting

Using the Job Description & Essential Qualifications Survey we will craft an effective Job Posting for your requirement.


Post on Selected Job Boards

We select the most effective job boards for your industry, type of position and geographical requirements.



We offer two types of testing

a) Skills Testing: to ensure that the applicant actually has the key skill level that you require of an effective employee.

b) Psychological Testing: To assure you that the applicant is a good fit for your culture & meets your Job Fit criteria.


Targeted Interview

The qualifications process has identified the applicant’s who best fit for your job. Now the interview process can begin. Our unique Interview Assist™ tool provides a custom profile of your most qualified applicants and provides a set of the most effective interview questions to determine Job Fit.