Prevue Predicts
Job Success

prevuereports The Included with Total Recruit, or purchased a-la-cart, Prevue assessment measures three major aspects of an individual:

  • Ability
  • Motivation
  • Personality

These attributes predict job critical success factors including how quickly someone can learn new tasks, which types of tasks they prefer and will probably gravitate to, and how they will prefer to work by Interpersonal Style, Work Style, Social Style and Emotional Style. Prevue predicts which tasks they enjoy, which tasks will result in high levels of procrastination, how they act in a team environment, their preferred work mode and co-worker interactivity. All of these factors can be a great indicator to how resilient a potential candidate will be to difficult situations or tasks.

Prevue Reports

hirinrgreport Provides a complete view of an applicants Job fit to your benchmark. Suggests interview questions based on an applicants result. Download PDF
workchat Provides an overview of an applicants’ work preferences.     Download PDF
Coaching A complete package for the Manager/Coach to support onboarding and employee development.   Download PDF
individual A full report for the applicant to provide them with feedback.     Download PDF