Automated Hiring Solutions


recruit1We believe that all companies big or small should have access to an affordable hiring system that provides them the efficiency of reducing the time and human resources costs of hiring but is also effective in taking the guesswork out of their hiring decisions.

The HIRinc System is designed to provide you with both of these features. We believe that the valid and reliable data that we can provide to you in the course of your hiring process will allow you to have confidence and Hire the Best.

You control how much data you wish to employ in your hiring process. Whether your strategy is to pre-qualify applicants through HIRinc Basic that identifies candidates who have your essential skills qualifications or have applicants proceed through HIRinc Total to identify the fully qualified candidate, the HIRinc System can meet your needs. The cream truly does rise to the top through our best-in-class screening and testing technology.


Essential Qualifications Screening

Our Essential Skills Qualifications screen is the first filter in your hiring process – it allows you to pre-qualify applicants against your essential company criteria – From availability to work the hours you require, to minimum levels of education and experience and other critical qualifications.

Job Factors Screening

Job Factors Screen is job specific and expands on your pre-qualification criteria that are relevant to the job being posted.

Skills Testing

Skills testing ensures that the applicant truly has the abilities that your require.

Psychometric Assessment

Prevue predicts how quickly an applicant can learn your job, their work preferences and their natural behavior patterns.

Interview Guides

Interview Assist provides you with the recommended interview questions to get the most our of your valuable time during the candidate interviews.

The HIRinc System helps you Hire the Best