Recruit 1: The Time Saver Package


HIRinc’s Quick and Easy Process

  • You purchase one of the packages
  • We will email you a link to provide us with:
    • Company Profile
    • Job description or Posting info
    • Critical skills and qualifications with disqualifiers
  • You review and approve the final posting and screening criteria
  • We will initiate the Posting period
  • Our CSR will contact you and:
    • Walk you through the applicant review process
    • Provide a User Guide to reviewing applicants

Recruit 1: The Time Saver Package Includes

  • Automatic Post to multiple job boards for 30 days
  • Promoted through our extensive social media network
  • All applicants are screened to your skill and behavioural criteria
  • Clearly unqualified applicants are disqualified
  • Qualified applicants are ranked by skill screening results
  • Easy to use online Applicant Review
  • Customer Support