Total Recruit: The Best Fit Package


HIRinc’s Quick and Easy Process

  • You purchase one of the packages
  • We will email you a link to provide us with:
    • Company Profile
    • Job description or Posting info
    • Critical skills and qualifications with disqualifiers
  • You review and approve the final posting and screening criteria
  • We will initiate the Posting period
  • Our CSR will contact you and:
    • Walk you through the applicant review process
    • Provide a User Guide to reviewing applicants

If you purchased Recruit Total, our CSR will coordinate the completion of the Job Fit assessment and schedule interviews after you select the finalists

Total Recruit: The Best Fit Package Includes

  • Automatic Post to multiple job boards for 30 days
  • Promoted through our extensive social media network
  • All applicants are screened to your skill and behavioural criteria
  • Clearly unqualified applicants are disqualified
  • Qualified applicants are ranked by skill screening results
  • Easy to use online Applicant Review
  • Job Fit Assessment
    • Determine the best fit to your company culture and job requirements for up to 3 finalist candidates
  • Applicant Management including interview scheduling
  • Customer Support