HIRinc Automated Hiring Solutions

HIRinc brings you the most time-saving hiring solution available. No more reviewing piles of resumes – HIRinc’s automated screening solution narrows the field so all you need to review are qualified applicants.

Choose From Two Automated Hiring Solutions

  • Choose your package

  • Automatic Post to multiple job boards for 30 days
  • Promoted through our extensive social media network
  • All applicants are screened
    to your skill and behavioural criteria
  • Clearly unqualified applicants are disqualified
  • Qualified applicants are ranked by screening result
  • Easy to use online Applicant Review
  • Customer Support
  • Job Fit Assessment - Determine the best fit to your company culture and job requirements for up to 3 finalist candidates
  • Applicant Management including interview scheduling

Other HIRinc Products & Services

  • HIRinc offers a full range of products and services to meet your hiring needs.
  • For more information or a custom quote, please call or contact HIRinc.