Automated Hiring Solutions One Job At-a-Time

An ideal solution for employers who don’t need a permanent career page or who appreciate the economy of an on-demand full system solution.

Starting as low as $425.00 per 30 day job posting, this service allows you to post your critical hiring needs to the best Job Boards to attract applicants and to use the power of HIRinc screening technology to narrow down the field of applicants to the most qualified candidates.

The time savings can be huge, enabling you to hire the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

HIRinc Offerings Two Types of Solutions

HIRinc Basic Packages use a set of pre-defined job descriptions to create your hiring process. For the user who might not have existing job descriptions – these job descriptions were developed using the O*Net Dictionary of Occupational Codes and represent a state-of-the-art definition of work in the field.
Review the following job overviews in the drop down list to determine whether this option meets your needs.


HIRinc Custom Packages use a set of custom parameters to create your hiring process. For the user who might have existing job descriptions – this option allows you to take full advantage of the HIRinc platform by customizing the experience to your needs.

HIRinc Basic and
HIRinc Custom Versions

Recruit 1


Recruit1 uses pre-defined job descriptions along with their proven pre-screening questionnaires to generate your hiring project.

You will receive a simple survey to complete. This ensures that your specific screening criteria are integrated into the screening questionnaires.

This product includes posting to multiple job boards, pre-screening of applicants through two levels of screening questionnaire and a client dashboard which allows you to readily review all pre-qualified applicants to select the ones you wish to

Total Recruit


Total Recruit includes all of the features of Recruit1, plus three copies of the Prevue Psychological Assessment which allows you to more effectively review three finalist applicants as part of your hiring decision. Additional Prevue Assessments can be purchased separately.

The Prevue Assessment predicts job success.

Prevue Predicts:

  • Learning Ability
  • Work Preferences
  • Behavioural Style

Prevue compares each applicant to your ideal job benchmark and suggests interview questions to probe further.

Optional Skills Testing

HIRinc offeres the option of Skills Testing at any stage of the process – from initial application to final screen.

Your Total Hiring Solution


More than just another job posting service, HIRinc’s Automated Hiring Solutions with screening technology and optional testing and assessments give you the ability to use less of your valuable time to quickly and efficiently hire the best candidates for your needs.

*Essential Skills Qualification Screen

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